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Grief has never sounded so good.


Bovian is on a journey to fulfill the the promise he made to his dying soulmate and closest friend, Chris - to share his passion for music with the world. After two decades of writing songs and playing music as a private, personal hobby, Bovian released his first extended play album,“ Dom Bovian” on the one year anniversary of Chris’s death in August, 2020.

The album title is named in reference honor of Chris “Dom” (pronounced: dome ) - the Polish word for home, and“Bovian”, the nick-name that he and partner Chris called each other. This collection of songs is a sampling of the full-length album that Bovian is currently recording. Each song creates a scene for the listener as they join Bovian on the raw and emotional journey oft he grieving process through familiar pop/rock beats accompanied by unique and often comforting sounds.

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