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Supporting Venues and Artists in Need

More than $20,000 raised toward our goal of $50,000. All proceeds are donated to local venues in need.



Grief has never sounded so good.


Bovian is on a journey to fulfill the the promise he made to his dying soulmate and closest friend, Chris - to share his passion for music with the world. After two decades of writing songs and playing music as a private, personal hobby, Bovian released his first extended play album,“ Dom Bovian” on the one year anniversary of Chris’s death in August, 2020.

The album title is named in reference honor of Chris “Dom” (pronounced: dome ) - the Polish word for home, and“Bovian”, the nick-name that he and partner Chris called each other. This collection of songs is a sampling of the full-length album that Bovian is currently recording. Each song creates a scene for the listener as they join Bovian on the raw and emotional journey oft he grieving process through familiar pop/rock beats accompanied by unique and often comforting sounds.



Yawa is a songwriter and producer from Memphis,TN and currently based in Portland, OR. In her one-woman performance, she builds vocal and instrumental loops from synth, drum machine, kalimba, and guitar creating atmospheric textures. Yawa surprises and tantalizes audiences with mind bending ideas while skipping vocally from soul-shaking gospel to smooth jazz. Her music is boldly mystical and soul-fired, and her raw live performances invoke elements of both theatrical and magical surprise.



Bijoux conjures the carefree opulence of the ‘70s & ‘80s in their iteration of infectious disco. Channeling the diamantine, deep-cut elegance of the past, Bijoux’s players share a history rich in theatricality. A pillar of Seattle’s Capitol Hill nightlife, Adé A Cônnére has been involved in the local theater and cabaret scene for years. Jayson Kochan is likewise no stranger to the stage, performing as the solo musical act Airport for over a decade, as well as touring with psych-rock shamans Midday Veil, and most recently with the electronic post-punk rocker foursome DYED. Drawing influence from early electronic disco nonpareils such as Giorgio Moroder, Pet Shop Boys, and Cerrone, Bijoux brings a new wave of chic, sex, and glamour to the Seattle stage.

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